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Policy and Procedure Modifications Feedback

Policies at Montgomery College are adopted by the Board of Trustees and serve as statements of principle to inform decision-making and the conduct of College activities.

Procedures are issued by the College President and set forth action steps required to carry out a Board policy and/or a standard method for implementing actions.

All policy and procedure modifications are reviewed according to a process determined by the President and outlined in  11005 Formulation and Issuance of College Policies and Procedures.  The review process will generally include a senior administrative leadership review and a period for feedback by affected stakeholders and units.  As part of the ongoing improvements to the Policies and Procedures review process, this page has been created to provide an opportunity for the College community to review and comment, where appropriate, on modifications that have been proposed to College Policies and Procedures.  Please note that not all policy and procedure modifications are subject to public comment as some urgently needed proposals may have an expedited review prior to presidential approval. 

Each link below will take you to a summary page where you can view the proposed modifications and submit your comments and feedback. 

April 29, 2016 

41003-Student Cumulative Records (policy and procedure modifications, closes June 6, 2016)

62003-College Relations (policy and procedure modifications, closes June 6, 2016)

All approved Policy and Procedure modifications for the fiscal year can be found in the  July 2015 - Current Modifications document posted on the College's Policies and Procedures webpage.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at 7-7972 or


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