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Study Skills and Strategies

Time Management

Time Management Skills How to Get the Most Out of Your Time, Creating More Time, Controlling Distractions, Time Management Tools: Action Plans, Activity Logs, Time Estimates, Prioritized To Do Lists 
Time Management Guide Identify the causes of causes of wasted time & apply strategies to overcome them. From Results in No Time by Steve Randall 
Time Management Evaluation Where do the 168 hours in your week go?
How to Manage Time and Set Priorities Donald Martin, How to be a Successful Student
Time Management Dartmouth
Time Management Tutorial Virginia Tech
Time Management Tutorial  MC Online Student Success Center

Study Skills

Study Skills Opinion Poll Take this survey to see where you fit regarding study skills... Prentice Hall Publishers
How To Study An essay outlining useful suggestions for maximizing study time, by Ron Blue, Lehigh Carbon Community College, PA.
Note-Taking Using the The Cornell Method to take notes from the Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Tech
Several Note-Taking Methods Cal Poly
Study Skills Checklist Use this checklist to find study skill areas to improve:  Time Scheduling, Concentration, Listening & Note Taking, Reading, Exams, Reading,  and Writing Skills from the Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Tech.
Study Distractions Analysis Examine the three places you study most to see which ones have the most distractions.  Developed by Division of Counseling & Testing, University of Wyoming
Ten Traps of Studying Do you see yourself in any of these? "I Don't Know Where To Begin", "I've Got So Much To Study . . . And So Little Time" and more...from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Reading Your Textbook Effectively and Efficiently Dartmouth College Learning Enhancement Services
Taking Lecture and Class Notes Dartmouth College Learning Enhancement Services
Where and How to Study Dartmouth College Learning Enhancement Services 
Study Schedule A printable weekly calendar in hour-long blocks to map out your time schedule
The Study Skills Help Page Strategies for Success.  Links to many other study skills sites.  Dr. Carolyn Hopper, Study Skills Coordinator for the Developmental Studies Department at Middle Tennessee State University
Study Skills Self Help  Virginia Tech

Memory Development 

Memory Principles An overview of memory principles, with definitions of each.  Developmental Studies Department at Middle Tennessee State University
Memory Techniques Introduction to Memory Techniques; Association, Imagination and Location; Memory Fallacies; Hints on Using Mnemonics; Memory Techniques Explained; Using Mnemonics for Exams; Remembering Peoples' Names; Remembering Lists; Remembering Words, Speeches and Quotations; Remembering Numbers, Telephone Numbers, Dates and Playing Cards
Working With Concept Maps Help you lay out the shape of a topic
Information Management Good information skills are essential for student success

Test-Taking Skills

Test Taking Tips Multiple choice, T/F, essay, etc
Twelve Reasons to Review Returned Tests Developmental Studies Department at Middle Tennessee State University
Test Taking Checklist University of Minnesota, Duluth
Before, During & After Bucks County Community College
Obstacles to obtaining top grades York University
Test Taking Goal Setting, Article, Quiz and Links - Prentice Hall Publishers
Preparing for Tests & Exams York University

Stress Management 

Links to Stress Related Resources  The Web's Stress Management & Emotional Wellness Page
How to Master Stress Mind Tools
Breathing Techniques for Anxiety Management Active Mind Body Health.
Reduce Stress, Enhance Study Dartmouth College Learning Enhancement Services

Learning Styles

DVC Learning Style Survey Take this on-line survey for a quick analysis of your personal learning style. Written by Catherine Jester, Learning Disability Specialist, Diablo Valley College, CA.
Learning Styles Resources Richard Felder, NC State


A guide to learning styles
Learning Styles and Study Tips LeMoyne College
Learning Styles Mind Tools

Setting Goals

Motivation And Goal Setting Worksheet Print out this worksheet to identify long-term and short-term academic and life goals for college students. Counseling Services - University of Victoria.
Goal Setting  Why Should You Set Goals? Deciding Your Goals, How to Set Goals Effectively, Where Goal-Setting Can Go Wrong, Achieving Goals, The Importance of Feedback, and Pulling Goals Together 
Decision Making Mind Tools

General College Success Skills

First Year Focus College textbook publishers' Allyn & Bacon have created a site devoted to surviving the first year of college.  Topics include Study Skills, Money Management, Health & Wellness, the Social Scene and Career Planning. 
Student Success Explore Prentice Hall's homepage for information on Majors Exploration, Study Skills, Career Paths, Money Management, Fitness and Well-Being (including stress management and relationships).
Ten Tips You Need to Survive College Developmental Studies Department at Middle Tennessee State University.

Study Skills Mega Sites

Study Guide Megalist Preparing, learning, studying, classroom participation, learning with others, project management, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing basics, writing types, research, math, science and technology, web truth
Academic Success Videos Dartmouth
Learning Services University of Guelph
Academic Tips Commercial site
How to Study. org Chemeketa Community College
Study Skills Surveys Some free, some commercial
Study Tips Center Ohio University
Mind Tools Home Time management, stress management, information skills, communication skills, memory improvement, leadership skills, problem solving, decision making, project planning, practical creativity

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