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Academic Coaching Program, Germantown

Academic Coaches




Dr. Jennifer Dobbins
(240) 567-1996 HT130
Ms. Erin Houser
(240) 567-6936 SA175B
Ms. Ada Garcia-Casellas
(240) 567-1801 SA150
Ms. Angela Mastromatteo
(240) 567-7734 SA175
Ms. Katie Mount
(240) 567-6966 SA175C
Ms. Tyra Peanort
(240) 567-7715 SA175D
Mr. Doug Smith
(240) 567-7734 SA175
Dr. Harvey Stempel
(240) 567-6967 SA189
Ms. Kimberly Talley
(240) 567-7757 SA150
Mr. Harry Zarin
(240) 567-7767 (V/TTY) SA189

What is Academic Coaching?

The Academic Coaching Program is designed to help students academically.  Any student who wants to learn how to balance life and school, to create goals for themselves, and to increase their motivation to succeed is encouraged to be a part of this special program.  It is especially helpful to those who have experienced academic difficulty or just gotten off track.  Counselors serve as the academic coach to help students identify and improve current strengths, as well as help students overcome challenges they encounter along the way. 

Why is Academic Coaching Important?

Academic coaches help students handle academic disappointments and celebrate academic successes.  Having a personal relationship with a coach allows students to ask for and get help when most needed.  Many students continue to work with their coach and counselor throughout their college career.

What is an ACE Session?

Students who are already experiencing academic difficulty (restriction or suspension) and want to appeal their academic status must attend an ACE Session.  It is a 2-hour session lead by counselors to identify the barriers of academic success and how to substitute them for more positive success strategies.  Counselors will help students select courses that are consistent with their educational goals and provide the best chance for academic success.

What to Expect From our Coaching Team and DS 106:

This class will provide:

  • support and encouragement on how to take control of academic and life choices;
  • guidance on how to manage and balance all responsibilities in school and beyond;
  • increased self-awareness and insight into one’s own goals and motivations to succeed;
  • strategies on how to think and act as a problem solver and a creator in order to overcome barriers to personal success;
  • honest feedback from your coach and counselor to help guide you back when you get off course;
  • a caring faculty member who wants you to reach your specific goals.

Why Take DS106?

DS106 is taught by an academic coach.  It is designed specifially for students who are dissatisfied with their academic performance and wish to improve their achievement in college courses.  This course stresses elimination of self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, setting and achieving short-term academic goals, identification of motives that lead to failure, learning to accept responsibility for one's behavior, and building a more positive attitude about one's potential for college success.  This course does not deal primarily with study habits or techniques but with motives and attitudes related to academic success.


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