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Academic Suspension

Polices and Procedures

Students placed on academic suspension are those whom have attempted 30 college-level credits and have a cumulative GPA of less than 1.25.  As a result, students with this status are prohibited from attending classes at Montgomery College for an entire fall or spring semester. To be removed from academic suspension, students must sit out for one full semester or submit an appeal to the Dean of Student Services.  Upon returning from the one semester period of suspension or if an appeal is granted, students will be placed on academic restriction and are eligible to take 6 credits under the guidance of a counselor.  See the steps below for more details.


Students on academic suspension but have not sat out for one full semester

Students on academic suspension"and have sat out for one full semester

What to do:

A student on academic suspension who has not sat out one full semester, will have a hold placed on his or her account prohibiting the ability to register for one full semester (fall or spring).  Upon returning, the student will be required to meet with a counselor in order to register and have the hold removed.

Any student who wishes to appeal his or her "academic suspension" status should consult a counselor and complete the form below:

Suspension Appeal Form (PDF - 332KB)

A student who has sat out for one full semester (fall or spring), should meet with a Counselor on the campus for which he or she would like to take courses.  After working with a counselor, the student's status will be changed to "academic restriction" and the student will be eligible to register up to 6 credits for that semester.

For other questions, contact the Office of the Dean of Student Services at the campus for which you want to take classes.

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