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Development of an Education Plan

Development of an Education Plan

What is an Education Plan?

An Education Plan is your guide through your academic program/curriculum and career development while at Montgomery College.  It provides you with a roadmap to your desired destination- whether it's an associate's degree, transfer to a four-year institution, personal enrichment, or employment- wherever you would like to go and whatever you would like to do.

Education Plans typically include your career and transfer goals, your major, and a list of courses that will help you meet those goals.  There are several pieces that will help you develop your Education Plan:

  • The Career Assessment Worksheet This worksheet is designed to assist you in the assessment of your skills, interests, abilities, and values that will help you to select your major and/or identify your career goals.  Montgomery College has provided three web/computer-based career planning guides that contain a wealth of occupational and job search information, career inventories (values, interests, and activities), and career portfolios.  This worksheet is useful ifyou have chosen a major or if you are currently undecided.
  • The Transfer Exploration Worksheet.   This sheet gives you the opportunities to organize research on possible colleges and universities where you might transfer after your time at Montgomery College.
  • General Education Course List.   This details information about Montgomery College courses that transfer without question into general education programs at Maryland public colleges and universities.
  • The Advising Worksheet.   These pages provide you with information about the course requirements for your particular degree, certificate, or letter of recognition.  In addition, you can log into MyMC to get an electronic Degree Evaluation that will provide you with similar information for your major of choice.  You can also conduct a "What If Analysis" to examine the course requirements for other majors or programs of study at the College.
  • The Course Planning Worksheet.   This page focuses on the development of an actual course plan.  You can use this information to put together a plan so you can decide in which semester(s) you will take particular courses.  Doing so will allow you to identify the amount of time it will take for you to reach your academic goals.

If you are deciding your major, DON'T WORRY!  Look at the General Studies program and check out the majors that interest you.  If you are interested in several different majors, see what requirements/courses overlap between both programs so you don't lose time and money.  Also visit the Career Transfer Center to use their various resources such as career interest inventories, books, and computer resources.

Please consult a counselor to discuss your Education Plan!  Your Education Plan needs to be continuously developed and revisited.

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