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General Studies AA

General Studies AA: 129

This curriculum is designed for students who need maximum academic flexibility to meet requirements for transfer or career exploration, or to meet other personal goals. Transferability and applicability of this program depend on courses selected and the transfer program and institution, personal goal, or career selected.

This curriculum contains General Education courses and general electives. General Education courses are required by all Maryland public state and local institutions. Additional courses in speech and health are Montgomery College requirements. These courses generally transfer as major or elective courses. General electives are to be used to meet individual goals. Students are required to take at least 15 credits of 200 level courses. It is strongly recommended that students work closely with an adviser or counselor to create an individualized plan of study.

To identify appropriate courses for transfer, students should seek assistance from a counselor or adviser, consult the transfer institution, use ARTSYS (transfer information maintained by the University of Maryland System for Maryland community college students at, visit Montgomery College’s Transfer Information Site at,visit a campus Career/Transfer Center, or consult the Montgomery College Transfer Manual. Students may also facilitate their career exploration by enrolling in STSU 120 Career Development: Dynamics and Application.


General Education Requirements
Foundation Courses
English foundation
Mathematics foundation
Speech foundation
  Health foundation* 1
Distribution Courses    
Arts distribution
Humanities distribution
Arts or humanities
Behavioral and social sciences distribution† 
  Behavioral and social sciences distribution†  3
Natural sciences distribution with lab
Natural sciences distribution with or without lab
Program Requirements
ENGL 101 Introduction to Program Requirements‡ 3
Health of Physical Education elective * 1
General Electives (24 credit hours)**
Select courses appropriate for major, transfer, career exploration, or other personal goal in consultation with a counselor or an adviser. (see program description above).
Total credit hours 60 -61

*  Two or three semester hours of health may be substituted for the health foundation and physical education elective.
†  The two behavioral and social sciences courses must be in different disciplines.
‡  ENGL 101, if needed for ENGL 102/103 or general elective.
**  Only two credits of physical education courses numbered 101-199 may be used as electives.

Note:  Students must complete a minimum of 15 credits at the 200 course level for completion of the program.

Program Outcomes for the General Studies Degree AA

Upon completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate general education competencies.
  • Describe a connection between elective choices and their personal, occupational, or academic goals.


Refer to course description pages to identify courses with prerequisites.
Courses in italics meet General Education requirements

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