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Takoma Park-Silver Spring Counseling & Advising


Takoma Park/Silver Spring Counseling & Advising
7600 Takoma Park Ave
Charlene R. Nunley Student Services Building, Room 122
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Need help finding us? Use maps and directions to the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus.

Information: 240-567-1480
FAX: 240-567-1494


We Care About Your Success!
Introducing the Starfish System
& Online Scheduling for Counseling & Advising Services

Starfish Icon

Recently, Montgomery College acquired Starfish Retention Solutions in order to create an online
student success environment and facilitate access to counseling and advising services.   
Students will be able to use Starfish to view service availability and schedule appointments
online to meet with a Counselor in person.  

  • Students must have applied to the College and been issued an M#.
  • Appointments are  typically offered in 20 minute blocks.
  • To schedule an appointment, go to MyMC and click on the Starfish icon below:
    SF Logo

If you need help scheduling an appointment or have additional questions please visit the
Starfish Support Website: or See step-by-step instructions 
for making an appointment with a counselor.

Online Advising

If you have questions about concrete, specific issues that can be answered over e-mail,
you can complete the Request for Online Advising form.


February 10, 2014 - May 23, 2014**

Monday           8:30am - 5pm (Doors close at 4:30pm)   

Tuesday          8:30am - 7pm (Doors close at 6:30pm)  

Wednesday    8:30am - 7pm (Doors close at 6:30pm)   

Thursday         8:30am - noon (Doors close at 11:30am)* 

                         3:00pm-5:00pm (Doors close at 4:30pm)*   

Friday              8:30am - 5pm (Doors close at 4:30pm)   

   *Thursdays- Closed for meetings at noon and reopens for business at 3:00pm

 ** Hours may change due to special events or closures due to weather.      

Special Closures:     

Takoma Park-Silver Spring Counseling & Advising will be closed the following dates:  

March 17, 2014 - March 23, 2014 (Spring Break)

March 27, 2014- Noon-5pm (Doors close at 11:30am)  

All office hours are subject to change.
Students must be signed in 30 minutes prior to closing to see a counselor.

The Counseling department is available to assist students with personal emergencies or quick questions that can be addressed within 5 minutes or less during our general hours of operation with no appointment necessary. 

All other students will be directed to schedule an appointment. Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.   
Students arriving after their appointment time may be asked to reschedule. If you need more time than scheduled, you may be asked to make a follow-up appointment.


Department ChairPhoneRoom
Mr. David Jean-Julien 
(240) 567-1691ST136
Full-Time CounselorsPhoneRoom

Ms. Terri Bailey

(240) 567-1481


Dr. Harold Barber

(240) 567-1474


Mr. Gerard Block

(240) 567-1473


Ms. Laura Gardner

(240) 567-1476


Ms. Evelyn Gonzalez-Mills

(240) 567-1468


Ms. Jeri Gresham

(240) 567 - 3891


Dr. James Hall

(240) 567-1637


Ms. Erica Hepworth



Dr. Michael Leger

(240) 567-1478


Dr. Jay Marciano

(240) 567-1467


Disability Support CounselorsPhoneRoom
Dr. Edward Muchene
(240) 567-1477ST138
Dr. Cathy Wilson 
(240) 567-1475


Part-Time CounselorsPhoneRoom

Dr. Shenice Bostic

(240) 567-1480ST122

Ms. Keena Howell

(240) 567-1480ST122
Ms. Maureen Mirowski
(240) 567-5810CF123

Ms. Paulette Moore, Lead Strong Start Counselor


 Ms. Patricia Reed


Ms. Laurie White

(240) 567-1480ST122

Dr. Robyn Williams

(240) 567-1480ST122
Ms. Dorothy Wiseman 
(240) 567-1480


Administrative SupportPhoneRoom
Ms. Sharon Lamy
(240) 567-1485ST123
Ms. Donna Wilson 
(240) 567-1480ST122

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Montgomery County, MD


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