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234D Science Center | vedham *dot* karpakakunjaram *at* montgomerycollege *dot* edu | 240-567-5480


I began my full-time faculty position at Montgomery College in Fall 2011. Previously, I have taught as an adjunct at Montgomery College, University of Maryland, College Park and Oklahoma State University. I graduated from Loyola College, Madras (now Chennai), majoring in Zoology and completed Ph.D in Zoology from the University of Madras (Chennai), India.

I am a Professor in the Biology Department and currently teach introductory biology courses (BIOL 101, 150 and 151), and Principles of Biology III (BIOL 252). My blended version of Principles of Biology I (BIOL 150) course successfully received the Quality Matters Certification in 2016.

My research and teaching interests include evolutionary biology, insect behavior and ecology. My fascination for insects, ants in particular, started early in my childhood and I use my encounters with insects as part of pedagogical approach – both as ice-breakers and as examples to explain concepts. My other interests are reading books, watching movies (sci-fi tops the list) and science communication using social media.

Courses I teach:

General Biology - BIOL 101 (Open Educational Resources Format)

Principles of Biology I - BIOL 150 (Blended and Face-to-face formats)

Principles of Biology II - BIOL 151

Principles of Biology III - BIOL 252

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