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Rockville Campus Academic Orientation for New Students – IMAP Sign-up

 Use this form to request an appointment for a mandatory group academic orientation at the Rockville campus
in order to get your ESL Accuplacer scores and more!

Contact Information
First Name:
Last Name:
MC Student Number:  (8 digits)
Phone #:
E-mail (this is the e-mail address we will use to confirm your appointment):
On which campus did you take the ESL Accuplacer?

When did you take the ESL Accuplacer? 

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Request a Group Advising Program Appointment (IMAP)

Pick  ONLY one date & time when you can come to the group academic orientation program (IMAP) based on your the date you took the ESL Accuplacer.     

Look at the ESL Accuplacer completed on or before date before making your choice.   If you are not sure how to choose from the options below, please call the Rockville Campus - Counseling Department at 240-567-5063.  
Disclaimer:  Please be advised that due to large number of requests for IMAP programs you may not get your first choice of programs and may be asked to select another program date and time. 



  If you took the ESL Accuplacer on or before 12/14//2016, pick from these dates :        

   If you took the ESL Accuplacer on or before 12/21//2016, pick from these dates :          



If you are using this form to reschedule your appointment for a group advising program, please let us know the date so we can you remove your name from the list:       



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