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F-1 International Student Appointment Request Form (for Current Students)

We will do our best to accomodate your request for an appointment within 1 week.   It is your responsibility to leave enough time for the Counselor to meet with you to discuss your situation.  Counselors will not be available to write a letter on the last day to drop a class.   

If you have dropped a course without speaking to a Counselor, be aware that you may be in violation of your visa status. 

Contact Information
First Name:
Last Name:
MC Student Number (if you do not know your M#, call 240-567-5000):  (8 digits)
Phone #:
On which campus do you or plan
to primarily take your courses?

Request an Appointment    

Which International Student Coordinator directed you to speak with a Counselor?

You were directed to speak with a Counselor for which of the following reason(s)  (check all that apply)*


If you selected reason #1 from the list above (program extension of I-20), please answer the following two questions:

1) What is your major?

2) If you are not a General Studies major, have you met with a Faculty Advisor in your major to obtain a graduation audit?  


Have you met wtih a Counselor previously to discuss your I-20?


In order for the Counselor to better assist you during the appointment, please provide additional background information in the space below.    


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