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These results are for the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus only. Click here to see the results for all of Montgomery College.
B Name Title Depart. Campus Phone Email
 Babb, TracieAssociate ProfessorCommunicationsTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-5791Send this user an email
 Baca, AlbertoProfessor, Health SciencesHealth SciencesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1448Send this user an email
 Bailey, TerriCounselor?ProfessorCounseling and AdvisingTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1481Send this user an email
 Baisey, JamesProfessorNatural & Applied Sciences, Business, Mgmt. & Info. SciencesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1325Send this user an email
 Banks, StephanieIT Support SpecialistOffice of Information TechnologyTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-5835Send this user an email
 Barber, HaroldCounselor?ProfessorCounseling and AdvisingTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1474Send this user an email
 Barber, RolfJob Opportunity & Development SpecialistStudent DevelopmentTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1650Send this user an email
 Barberesi, DianeChair of Health SciencesHealth SciencesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-5562Send this user an email
 Basilicato, LindaInstructional AssociateHumanitiesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-xxxxSend this user an email
 Beckham, DarrellBuilding Service WorkerFacilitiesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1570Send this user an email
 Beemer, AngelaCo-Op & InternshipCooperative EducationTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1360Send this user an email
 Behme, MaryProgram CoordinatorWorkforce Development and Continuing Education Information Technology InstituteTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-5510Send this user an email
 Belay, RobelDigital Learning Center SpecialistAcademic AffairsTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1646Send this user an email
 Bell, GwendolynSr. Administrative AssistantOffice of the Dean of Student DevelopmentTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1469Send this user an email
 Benicio, CasianoBuilding Services WorkerFacilitiesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-3872Send this user an email
 Bennett, IV, Nelsonchair- BiologyBiologyTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-3968Send this user an email
 Bent, KristalEnrollment Services SpecialistEnrollment ServicesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-3873Send this user an email
 Berg, SteveInstructional Lab AssistantBiologyTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1417Send this user an email
 Beroz, SabrinaHealth SciencesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-5531Send this user an email
 Best-Otubu, CarlaAssistant ProfessorHealth SciencesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-5536Send this user an email
 Bielefeldt, SabrinaAssistant ProfessorHealth SciencesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-5779Send this user an email
 Bilal, AmeshuiaAssociate ProfessorNursingTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-5550Send this user an email
 Blankman, KatharineSafety and Security OfficerPublic SafetyTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1600Send this user an email
 Blinder, KarenInstructional AssociateWriting, Reading and Language Center (WRLC)Takoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1484Send this user an email
 Block, GeraldCounselor/ProfessorCounseling and AdvisingTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1473Send this user an email
 Boatman, AliceCounselor/ProfessorCounseling and AdvisingTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1478Send this user an email
 Bogale, WondwosenBuilding Service WorkerFacilitiesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1570Send this user an email
 Bondi, CharlesProfessorBusiness, Management & Information SciencesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1613Send this user an email
 Bonilla, EusebioFacilities Materials SpecialistFacilitiesTakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1572Send this user an email
 Bonner, PhilipInstructional Services Program ManagerWDCETakoma Park/Silver Spring240-567-1409Send this user an email

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