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Office of Central Facilities and Public Safety

Safety Program Profile System


This Safety Program Profile system is designed to assist you in determining the health and safety issues that need to be addressed by your department's safety plan. Articles in Sections A & B of the Safety Program Guide will be of interest to all departments, but only selected topics in the remaining sections may need to be considered when developing a safety plan for your work area. The questions below will help you identity those other safety articles that may apply.

For questions answered "YES," look up (click on) the indicated article(s) from the Safety Program Guide and determine whether or not each applies to your situation. If uncertain, make the decision in consultation with the Environmental Safety Office (MC-ES). If no link is provided to an online article, please contact the ES Office for information on the topic(s) that may apply.



1. Do individuals work at computer workstations 2 hours or more per day? Computers; Ergonomics 
2. Do employees do heavy or repetitive lifting? Backcare and Lifting Safety
3. Does your building have portable fire extinguishers? Portable Fire Extinguisher Education Program
4. Do individuals ever work from elevated surfaces (greater than six feet above the surrounding surfaces) or on ladders? Fall Protection;
Ladder Safety
5. Are personnel required to enter spaces that are not intended for normal occupancy and that have limited means of entry (e.g. manholes, HVAC units, boilers, excavations, etc.)? Confined Spaces
6. Do individuals perform cutting, welding, brazing, torch soldering, etc., and/or work with compressed gases? Hot Work;
7. Are chemicals or chemical products used or stored within your department? HazCom
8. Are there laboratories in your department? Lab Safety;
Microbiology Labs
9. Are there non-lab workers in your department who must enter laboratories to do maintenance or cleaning? HazCom
10. Can you reasonably anticipate that individuals might have exposures to human blood or other body fluids? Bloodborne Pathogens
11. Do individuals in your department drive forklift trucks?
12. Do individuals in your department drive utility verhicles (golf carts, Cushmans, etc.)?
13. Do individuals in your department conduct servicing and/or maintenance of machines and equipment? Lockout/Tagout
14. Do individuals in your department perform tasks that require the use of personal protective equipment (i.e. gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, respirators, etc.)? Personal Protective Equipment;
Respiratory Protection
15. Does your department use any machines which have parts, functions or processes which may cause injury? Lockout/Tagout
16. Does your department have jurisdiction over offices or classrooms? Office Safety
17. Do individuals in your department engage in construction or renovations? HandTools;
Construction Safety
18. Do individuals work around excessive noise? Hearing Protection
19. Does your facility operate a stockroom, or is it involved in delivery or loading dock operations? Backcare and Lifting Safety;
20. Are you preparing for an event in a College building where 50 or more participants are expected? Crowd Management

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