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SDT 2018 Internship Application

 Application deadline: Friday, April 6, 2018

 Early applications may be given priority.

 Interns are required to register for a college level course either for credit or non-credit.   In addition to the stipend, a scholarship will be awarded for all or a part of the intern's individual tuition cost.  Any additional fees or costs will be the responsibility of the intern to pay in full.

PLEASE NOTE:  Remember to include your résumé (including at least two references) to accompany this application.  Please email to


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Have you looked at the Summer Dinner Theatre Calendar?  CLICK HERE IF YOU NEED TO VIEW THE CALENDAR
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In the box below, we need to know any commitments that you may have that may conflict with the events scheduled for this program.  Having read the Summer Dinner Theatre calendar, please list any and all commitments that may affect your participation in Summer Dinner Theatre.   Please try to list any important daytime, evening and weekend commitments including such events as graduations, weddings, trips, family reunions, etc.  Please list commitments below in the following format:
If you have no commitments please write the word "NONE".


 The Information that I am submitting to Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre is truthful.    To my knowledge my commitments during the program are as accurate as possible.  
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