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Integrated Office of Communications Request Form

Please submit your Communications Request at least 3 weeks prior to your desired due date.

Name of requestor
Requestor’s phone number 
Requestor’s e-mail address
Requestor’s department or office
Name of dean or director supporting the request
Expected funding source
If other, please describe
Budget or funds available
Project title

Desired due date
Date of first anticipated use
Primary audience
Secondary audience

If this request is tied to a particular event, please identify:

The name of the event:

The location of the event:

The date of the event:

The start time of the event:

The end time of the event:

The number of people expected to attend:


Please indicate which Montgomery College 2020 themes this request supports:




Please describe your project request and how the resulting communication project will be used.

 What are your specific measurable goals, and how will you know when you've achieved them?

Is this an update to existing materials or a project originally produced by the Office of Communications?


 If yes: please provide the name and a description of the original materials or project.

If your project request includes printed materials, please include the total number of printed materials that
  you will need.

Based on your request, a representative of the Office of Communications will contact you for strategic consultation to identify the best approach for your project. Each project is unique. Please note that time of year, complexity of projects, multiple client and committee reviews, budget, and current Office of Communications workload and competing priorities may shorten or lengthen these estimates or even cause the Office of Communications to delay or decline the project request.

Approximate estimates of turnaround time:
Communications strategy consultation and budget planning: 4 to 8 weeks
Print pieces (8+ page booklets, annual reports): 3 to 6 months
Print pieces (postcards, posters, trifold brochures, invitations, etc.): 6 to 8 weeks
Specialty items (exhibits, displays, signage, promotional items): 2 to 4 months, depending on scope
HTML emails: 4 to 6 weeks
Short video: 4 to 8 weeks
Large-scale video: 2 to 4 months
Web page: varies by scope
Press releases: 4 to 6 weeks prior to event; 2 to 4 weeks for evergreen news
Marketing campaign: varies by scope; should be integrated within the fiscal year planning and budgeting processes
Photography: 2 to 4 weeks
Social media project: 1 to 6 weeks
Internal communications support such as Inside MC Online, .edu Slider, News Headlines, and social media support: 1 to 4 weeks

Is there any available existing content to be used with this project?


If yes: please describe the existing content.  

Securing use permission on all copyrighted materials is the responsibility of the requestor.  Evidence of the permission is to be provided at the project’s kick-off meeting.  Will any copyrighted materials be used for this project?


What other outreach efforts have you or your department planned or implemented to create awareness and/or promote your event or message?

Audience Awareness Efforts



Open House

Frequent updates to your website

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Announcement to classes

Partnering with recruiters and/or personal visits/outreach to high schools

Other efforts (please describe)


Please indicate any additional information that may be useful to the Office of Communications management team as we evaluate your request.  

Please email any associated information (pictures, graphics, or other files) to and add the name of your project title in the Subject line.


   Submission of the form will generate an automatic e-mail response acknowledging receipt of the form.

If your submission of the form does not generate an automatic e-mail response acknowledging receipt to the form, please contact for assistance.



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