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Department of World Languages and Philosophy

Department of World Languages & Philosophy

Welcome to the Department of World Languages and Philosophy
Montgomery College Rockville Campus

Languages and Philosophy Courses Fulfill Humanities

Choose from a wide array of languages and philosophy courses. While many courses are held in a traditional classroom, some courses can be taken online (distance learning, or DL), or as a combination of online and on campus (blended, or BL). Spanish and French courses offer advanced studies of language and literature, as well as honors courses. Most language and philosophy courses transfer almost anywhere (consult a transfer advisor for assistance).

Experience the world through our WORLD LANGUAGES program.  Discover some of the world's greatest languages and their cultures in both traditional and online, full-semester and intensive offerings.  We offer AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE (designated as ASLP in the Catalog and Schedule of Classes), Arabic (ARAB), Chinese (CHIN), French (FREN), German (GERM),Hindi (HIND), Italian (ITAL), Japanese (JAPN), Korean (KORA), Latin (LATN), Russian (RUSS), and Spanish (SPAN), including Spanish for high beginners (SPAN 103), Spanish for Heritage Speakers (SPAN 106) and Intensive Intermediate Spanish (SPAN 203).  We also offer advanced conversation and literature as well as Honors (HM) courses in French and Spanish.

In our PHILOSOPHY program, hone your critical thinking and reasoning skills, explore the large questions, and discover how men and women have wrestled with these same questions at different times, from various cultural perspectives, and within different religious and ethical traditions.

American Sign Language Degree and Certificate Options

The associate of arts degree program in American Sign Language prepares you to enter fields in which you would work with Deaf People on a daily basis. Following program completion, you would transfer to a four-year degree program and major in American Sign Language, Deaf education, interpreter education, or social work.

The certificate program in American Sign Language provides you with a foundation to pursue business or other service-oriented fields, where you might be called upon to communicate directly with Deaf clients. This program also prepares you to enter an Interpreter Training Program, to enhance your knowledge of the language's structure and syntax, and to improve your understanding of Deaf culture to better communicate with Deaf family, friends, neighbors, and community members.

Free Tutoring and Assistance

Tutoring in American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, and Spanish are available free of charge in MT020 (Macklin Tower). For an updated schedule of World Languages tutoring, call 240.567.7215 or 240.567.7457. You may also go to MT020 to look at the posted schedule or ask any tutor or staff member. 

Cristina Daley Butler, Department Chair - 240-567-7389


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