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Office of Government Relations

Montgomery College must remain a priority for state and county funding.


County Funding Issues:
• Due to the economic downturn and loss of public revenues, Montgomery College’s employees and students faced many challenges earlier this decade.
• Our employees went three years without additions to base salaries; for administrators, it had been four years.  They also experience furloughs in FY11.
• Our students also felt the financial strain, with increased tuition to offset other revenue declines. Student tuition and fees now account for 38.3% of the FY14 budget, up from 33% in FY09. (That is down from a 40% share in FY13, due to county and state support for a tuition freeze last year.)
• Resources are needed to support excellence in the classroom, access and success, and to protect affordability.
• Full support of the FY15-20 CIP request is needed, including completion funds for Science West.


State Funding Issues:
• Our FY15 capital priority is completion of Science West at Rockville (state provides 50% of funding).
• Increase state aid to protect affordability and manage Affordable Care Act costs in FY 15.
• Enhance the John A. Cade Funding formula for community colleges—increase percentage tie 2%.
• Any performance-based funding (PBF) formula must enhance the current Cade formula. PBF must be a tool, like the Cade+ model, to drive completion—not cost containment.






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