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Parts of Term


Montgomery College schedules it's credit courses following a term schedule (Fall and Spring) and also has additional classes offered during Summer and Winter sessions. A term runs about 15 weeks.

A part of term is just that - part of a full term. This allows Montgomery College to offer a larger variety of class delivery options by using multiple parts of term. MC currently offers nine parts of term. Parts of term are only used in the Spring and Fall terms and are not used for the winter or summer sessions.


Parts of Term

Full Term (15 weeks)

First Half of Term (7 weeks)

 Second Half of Term (7 weeks)

 First Third of Term (5 weeks)

Second Third of Term (5 weeks)

Third Third of Term (5 weeks)

Week 2 Start (Late Start)

Week 3 Start (Late Late Start)

 Week 4 Start (Late Late Late Start)

The refund date for a Lecture/lab/discussion combinations follows the lecture refund date.

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