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Transferring Out of Montgomery College

Our goal at Montgomery College is to have our students complete an Associate degree and transfer on to complete a Bachelor (or for some of our International students directly to a Master) degree.

We hate to see you leave but want to help you pursue your dream!

Follow these steps to be able to successfully transfer:

1) Keep your F-1 status valid. 

2) Work with an Academic counselor (one of the College Counselors or an Adviser in your academic department) to know which courses you need to take to prepare to transfer.

3) Apply and be admitted to the school (or schools) you are interested in attending.  Apply as an "International Student" and a "Transfer Student".  Be sure to apply by the earlier deadline listed (transfer deadlines are sometimes too late for students who need an I-20)

4) Follow the new schools' guidelines for any forms.  Some schools require our office to complete a "Transfer form" as part of your application, some require that form after you are admitted.  Fill in your part of the form and bring it to the office.  We can fax or mail the form to the school based on their instructions.

5) Once you are Admitted AND have Chosen your new school - contact our office (in person or by email) to tell us which school we should 'release' your I-20 record to*

*We can only "release" your record to ONE school and only after you complete the semester at Montgomery College

**If you will travel outside of the US, please discuss your situation with your new school so they can guide you.

Special Notes

After you graduate you MUST be fully admitted and have your record released to the new school within 60 days.  Please contact our office within 45 days after graduating to be sure your record will be released on time.

Students on OPT (Optional Practical Training) apply as a 'normal' international transfer student.  Please discuss your OPT end date with your new school to be sure you do not need to stop work too early.

Travelling out of the United States between semesters does NOT complete the transfer of your I-20.  Remember to get your I-20 that says "Continued Attendance" in the top box as the "Form Issue Reason" no later than the end of the first week of classes!

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