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                                             Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
                               Montgomery College’s Faculty Professional Development Organization

Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Associate Nomination Form

Academic Year 2014-2015


The Center for Teaching and Learning is seeking nominations for Faculty Associates to help full-time and part-time faculty enrich the teaching and learning process. Each campus will have a Faculty Associate who will be appointed for the academic year who will join the current campus Faculty Associate.  The two-year appointment carries three equivalent semester hours (ESH) per semester.


Those nominated need to possess the ability to design and deliver workshops that focus on pedagogical strategies aimed at improving student success. In addition, Faculty Associates must understand the professional development needs of the faculty at their campus. Faculty Associates may be regular presenters in the CTL's Professional Development Program for New Faculty. It is expected that Faculty Associates will have experience presenting for the CTL or presenting at regional or national conferences. Regular office hours will be held for faculty seeking assistance from the Faculty Associates.

Nominations can come from deans, chairs, faculty councils or faculty members themselves and should be submitted by May 2, 2014 to Dr. Michael Mills, PK 166, Germantown.  Each nomination must include why the faculty member is qualified to be a CTL Faculty Associate.  All nominations must also include a comment of support from the faculty member’s dean.  

Please access the form through the link:

Call for Fall 2014 Workshop Proposals

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) invites full- and part- time faculty and instructional staff to submit workshop proposals for Fall 2014. If you have an idea for a workshop you would like to offer or a professional development need that’s on your wish list, please send it our way. View the document below for more information.

CTL - Call for Spring 2014 Workshop Proposals (PDF)

Call for Proposals:  MCAPD Eighth Annual Fall Conference - Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Imagining and Reimagining Our Teaching"

The Maryland Consortium for Adjunct Faculty Professional Development is accepting presentation/workshop proposals for its October 4, 2014, conference.  Deadline for submission is July 1.

MCAPD’s mission is “to foster comprehensive and innovative adjunct faculty development to improve teaching and enhance student learning.” The annual conference, supported by the Center for Teaching and Learning, will be held at Howard Community College in Columbia.

All proposals must be submitted online at

Call for Submssions

Currents in Teaching and 
, is a peer-reviewed electronic journal published
semi-annually by Worcester State University. Non-specialist and
jargon-free, it seeks to foster exchanges among reflective
teacher-scholars across the disciplines in higher education. Attached
please find an extended Call for Submissions for Currents Volume 7,
Number 1, Fall  2014 issue.

Please click on Call for Submissions for details

Recent Workshops

Giving Students a Compass:  New Directions for the Global Humanities - Carol Geary Schneider (708KB)

College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013 (SB740) - Dr. Bernard Sadusky

SB740 FAQs 

Diversity in the MC Classroom:  Leveraging the Value for Learning - Dr. Carol Annink and Dr. Carol Moore

Spring 2014 Professional Day Workshop Materials

Active Learning in the Developmental Classroom - Professor Christine Rai

Active Learning in the Developmental Classroom

Active Learning in the Developmental Classroom - Needs Chart

Active Learning in the Developmental Classroom - Strategies List

How to Help Students Who Come To You for Help (STEM) - Professor Gina Wesley

Brain Training_Critical Thinking

Brain Training_Memory

Brain Training_Multiple Choice

Brain Training_Short Answer

Tips for Academic Success_GW_F2013

Using Guided Notes to help Students Learn - Professor John Lafferty

Using Guided Notes

Guided Notes

Recent Workshops

Giving Students a Compass:  New Directions for the Global Humanities - Carol Geary Schneider (708KB)

College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013 - Dr. Bernie Sadusky 

CTL Mission

Our mission is to enhance student learning through the art of teaching by encouraging faculty creativity, innovation, and continual improvement in instruction. The CTL realizes this mission by providing a variety of professional development opportunities and supporting a number of college initiatives.  The CTL, a college-wide organization with staff and associates supporting all three campuses, has its main location on the Germantown Campus in PK 168.

Please click here to download the CTL brochure as a pdf document.

Materials from past workshops

Ethiopian and Eritrean Workshop Powerpoint Presentation 

Saturday Conference Reference Materials

  1. Some common active-learning techniques used in STEM
    Active-Learning for STEM (pdf) 
  2. Using Blackboard to support your face-to-face classes
    Blackboard Supplement handout (pdf)
    Prezi Presentation
    A Teacher Wish List (pdf)
  3. Differentiating instruction to maximize student engagement and achievement
    Differentiating Instruction Intro (pdf)
    Differentiating Case Studies (pdf)
    Triarchic Prompts RAFTs and Bingo Boards (pdf)
  4. Crossing the Divide - Writing to learn among the disciplines
    Writing to Learn Defining Features (pdf)
    Crossing the Divide Word Journal Sample (pdf)
  5. Games and other web-based tools to  enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills
    Gaming Presentation (pdf)
    Gaming Presentation Full Slides (pdf) 
  6. Effective Cross-Fertiliztion:  Creating a Hybrid course 
    The Liger or Tion 
    Worksheet for Hybrid Class
  7. Transforming Students into Active Learners in the Information Literacy Classroom 
    Slideshow of Presentation

CTL's Professional Development Program for New Faculty (PDP-NF)

Montgomery College’s Professional Development Program for New Faculty (PDP-NF) was developed by the Center for Teaching and Learning in 2000. The Program was created in an effort to offer relevant and high quality in-house instructional professional development for newly hired faculty and faculty in their first 3 years of teaching at MC. The PDP-NF offers semester long workshops on a variety of educational topics relevant for the MC classroom.

The workshops are presented in a series of three two hour meetings (once a month), focused on the different aspects of the educational topic chosen that particular semester. Each semester a diverse group of faculty of different disciplines and across campus meets each other as a cohort to discuss their teaching experiences as they relate to the topic at hand.

The participants’ teaching experiences range from novice to veteran which adds to the richness of the discussion on teaching in higher education that takes place in the PDP-NF workshops. After their first three years of teaching at MC faculty will have completed 6 workshop series.

The Program fully qualifies for the professional development requirement of faculty as set by the College. Click the PDF below for more information.

Professional Development Program For New Faculty Spring 2014 - Workshop descriptions and meeting times (PDF 238 KB)

Please contact Dr. Carol Annink, Instructional Designer, if you have any questions.

Phone: 240.567.2003

CTL End-of-Year Report for Academic Year 2012/13 

Please click here to read the report. (PDF document 202KB)

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