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Estimated Annual Costs for International Students


Current Estimated Annual Costs

The following is a statement of estimated expenses for non-resident students who enroll at Montgomery College for a period of one academic year (two regular academic semesters plus living expenses for vacation periods).

Students requesting F-1 or M-1 immigration status are required to show personal funds or sponsorship adequate to permit full-time study without working off-campus. This estimate includes Academic Expenses (tuition, fees, books and supplies) for one academic year of two semesters and Living Expenses based on a twelve month year.  Sponsors must show the ability to pay for all expenses listed, even if the student may not need some of these estimated expenses paid for at this time.

The following are the approximate costs determined by the College to be typical expenses for 12 months (including minimum full-time enrollment for one academic year; Fall and Spring Semesters). Non-Credit ESL tuition may be lower than this estimate. However all documents for an I-20 are based on this estimate.  

Tuition and fees$   11,600 *
Books and supplies$    1,200
Living Expenses**$   15,200
$   28,000

*12 billing hours per semester are the minimum required to maintain student status. Montgomery College academic programs require 60 to 69 credits to complete the degree.  Non-native English and pre-college level courses may not be applied toward the degree.

**This estimate includes the following: Room and Board (lodging, food, and utilities provided in the sponsor’s home or paid to or for the student, worth approximately $10,000 - the College does NOT have dormitories or a board/meal plan), Medical Insurance (major medical coverage for international students averages $800 per year - students must find appropriate medical insurance for themselves, we have information at Health Care and Required Medical Insurance on our webpage), Transportation (the average of taking public transportation and using a purchased automobile - about $2,500), and Personal Expenses (spending money and essentials of $1900 or about $35 per week).  Living expenses are based on estimates compiled by the Montgomery College Financial Aid Office for students living in Montgomery County.

Note: Students accompanied by family members who will have F-2 or M-2 status as "Dependents" must provide an additional $5,000 of sponsorship per dependent.

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