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Additional Information for Transfer of a SEVIS I-20

Transferring an I-20 record is different from obtaining your first "Initial Attendance" I-20.  Please see below for some specific information about transferring the I-20 record to Montgomery College


SEVIS (Student/Exchange Visitor Information System) Transfer of the I-20 data record 

If you are studying at another institution in the U.S. and want to study at the Montgomery College you must have your SEVIS record transferred.  It is important to follow SEVIS transfer procedures carefully because failure to complete the transfer process in a timely manner is a violation of your status. Loss of status will exclude students from benefits such as authorized employment.  To complete a transfer, your current (or former) school must transfer Access to your government computer record of your I-20 to Montgomery College.

Transfer Implications

Travel Between Studies

If you will travel abroad between the times when you are studying at your old school and your new school you should speak with an International Student Coordinator.  Montgomery College must be notified at least 30 days before you will need your  I-20.  In some cases you may need to receive a completely new I-20 instead of transferring your SEVIS record.  Students who plan to travel must return to the United States and report to the International Office ONE MONTH before the semester begins (this may be reduced to two weeks if the student has fully registered and paid for the semester already). 


Completed degree/program of study: 

F-1 students must transfer their SEVIS record to the new institution within 60 days of the completion of their degree (I-20 end date, or OPT end date).

Incomplete program:

If your I-20 is still valid and you wish to transfer prior to the completion of your program at your current school you should speak with an International Advisor at your current school.  Individual school policies may affect which date you are able to transfer.

Effect on Work


On-campus work may only be performed at the school which holds your SEVIS record.  Once your SEVIS record is transferred to the transfer in school, your work must end at transfer out school. 


Off-campus work authorizations such as OPT will end on the date your SEVIS record is transferred to the new school.  Please talk to an International Coordinator about the date you want or need to transfer your SEVIS record.

Procedures and reminders for Transferring into Montgomery College

  • Submit all the required documents to Apply for an I-20 to the Office of the International Coordinator on the campus you plan to have as your 'home' campus. 
  • Obtain a "Letter of Acceptance" from an International Coordinator if your current school will require this.
  • Complete the top section (#I) of the "Transfer In Form" and ask the International Student Advisor at your current ("old") school to complete the bottom Section.  The advisor may require to see the acceptance letter to complete this form.  The advisor will fax or mail the form directly to us.
  • You will be cleared to Register for Classes by the International Office.  Please work with an Academic Counselor to select classes or take any necessary placement exams. 
  • Your "old" school will need to then transfer their access to your SEVIS record to Montgomery College on the date you tell them.  **Be sure you fully discuss the date you can stop studies and transfer your record.  The latest this can be done is within 60 days of completing your studies there.
  • After you and your "old" school both complete the previous steps we can issue you a Montgomery College I-20.  You will only need this if you plan to travel outside of the United States before beginning classes at Montgomery College. 
  • Attend the Montgomery College "International Student Orientation" on your home campus.   
  • Bring your Montgomery College Student Identity card, showing payment for your first semester classes, to the International Coordinator's office.
  • The Office of the International Coordinators will officially complete the transfer process once you have attended Orientation and registered for the required number of courses.
  • Sign page one of the I-20.  This is your promise that you will follow all the rules of F-1 Student Status (which will be explained in more detail at International Student Orientation)

Remember... Failure to complete the Transfer process in a timely manner is a violation of your status. Loss of status will exclude students from benefits such as authorized employment.


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