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Military Community Tuition Rates & Residency Requirements

The following information is in compliance with Montgomery College's Official Collegewide Policies and Procedures, under Chapter IV, PNP 45003, Section F. 
Note: There is NOT a "three-month residency rule" regarding tuition rates for military personnel and their dependents. 

Requirements for In County Tuition:
- Stationed and/or currently living in Montgomery County
- If servicemember is stationed and/or living in Montgomery County, dependent may receive In County Tuition

Requirements for In State Tuition: 
- Stationed and/or currently living in the State of Maryland
- If servicemember is stationed and/or living in the State of Maryland, dependent may receive In State Tuition

Requirements for Out of State Tuition:
- Stationed and/or currently living outside of the State of Maryland; this includes Washington, DC

In County Adjustment: 
- Servicemembers receiving In State or Out of State Tuition may submit a Business and Industry Agreement to receive a tuition adjustment to In County.

Military Community Students that Move Out of Maryland/Country: 
Any servicemember or dependent who moves out of Maryland or the U.S. may continue to keep their residency, providing they retain their Maryland domicile (as evidence by a license or income tax documents.)

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