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Humanities Division

The Humanities Division encompasses four academic departments and two academic support centers, and programs of study in history, philosophy, political science, American Sign Language, and World Languages, and Women's and Gender Studies.  The division employs over 30 full-time faculty, 4 department chairs, 14 full-time staff, and over 80 adjunct instructors.  Learn more about the division, the programs, departments, and centers on this website.

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Faculty Highlights

Faculty: Professor Bess Vincent
Professor Bess Vincent
Dr. Vincent, Assistant Professor of Sociology and TPSS Women and Gender Studies Coordinator, is teaching a new seminar titled “Sociology of Punishment” for the Renaissance Scholars Program on the TPSS campus.  She also serves as the Women’s Studies Student Club Advisor.

Faculty: Professor Karl Smith
Professor Karl Smith
Professor Karl Smith, Professor of Political Science and the faculty advisor to the International and Political Studies Association.  Most recently, he was 1 of 4 MC faculty selected to travel to China as part of a Montgomery County Delegation on a trade and Sister City mission trip.






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