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Proof of High School Graduation or College Level

The following is a partial listing of national secondary school credentials, which we require to admit students with an F-1 or M-1 visa to Montogmery College.

Official high school diplomas - secondary school certificates of completion MUST BE presented in the native language with a certified English translation.  COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT, "CERTIFIED" as true copies by the school or goverment-authorized agent may be accepted.

**ALL SYSTEMS USING "O" (ORDINARY) AND "A" (ADVANCED) LEVEL EXAMS:  Minimum number of subjects (5 "O" or 3"A") must be passed and must include English and Mathematics.

Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, or Venezuela Bachillerato
Brazil Diploma de 2 grau
Chile Licencia de Education Media
Peru Certificado de Education Secundaria

Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Guyana, Jamaica,or Trinidad & Tobago
CXC or GCSE “O” level-5 academic subjects**.
Haiti Baccalaureat Partie II

France Baccalaureat
Germany Abitur 
Greece Apolytirion from Lyceum
Italy, Switzerland, or Sweden Maturity Certificate/Diploma
Netherlands VWO or HAVO
Norway Leaving Certificate from Upper Secondary School 
Spain COU
United Kingdom GCSE 5 “O” levels or 3 "A" levels**
Newly Independent States Atestat 

Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia
General Secondary Certificate of Education
Iraq, Lebanon, or Morocco Baccalaureat
Israel Bagrut
U.A.E Secondary School Certificate

Baccalaureat/GSSCE 5 “O” levels or 3 "A" levels**
Ethiopia School Leaving Certificate
Nigeria or Ghana GCSE 5 “O” levels or 3 "A" levels**/ WAEC / SSSC (*WAEC marks 1-6 only accepted)
South Africa Senior Certificate with Matriculation

Hong Kong HKCE - 5 academic subjects**
India or Pakistan Higher Secondary School Certificate
Indonesia Idazah S.M.A. Diploma
Japan, Korea, or Taiwan High School Graduation 
Malaysia Certificate of Education - 5 academic subjects
Singapore GCSE 5 “O” levels or 3 "A" levels**

Matayom Suksa VI


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