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Apply from Inside of the United States

Students who are currently in the United States can apply for an I-20 under very limited conditions:  

1) Students who are currently in the United States in valid F-1 status and attending another school:
Please see "Transferring an I-20"


2) Persons currently in the United States in any other valid non-immigrant status (designated by a Letter and an Number) are expected to depart the United States and get a Student Visa from a United States Consulate (usually in their home country).  Please see "Applying from Outside of the United States" for documents needed and application deadlines.


3) Under limited conditions*, a legal non-immigrant currently inside of the United States MAY BE ABLE TO APPLY for a can apply for a "Change of Non-Immigrant Status" to become a student and remain in the United States.  You must MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to discuss whether a Change of Non-Immigrant Status is possible in your case**.

*For example; Dependents ending their dependent status
**Application deadlines for any possible Change of Status may be earlier than the normal stated deadlines.


In any case you will need to show English Language Proficiency.  As you are currently in the United States you may be able to show your English level by taking a test here.  Please see this link for information:

Placement Testing at the College 



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