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Student Complaint Resolution

As an institution participating in Federal student aid programs, Montgomery College is required to comply with Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.  Further Title 34 CFR 668.43 (b) states:

"The institution must make available for review to any enrolled or prospective student upon request, a copy of the documents describing the institution’s accreditation and its State, Federal, or tribal approval or licensing.The institution must also provide its students or prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with its accreditor and with its State approval or licensing entity and any other relevant State official or agency that would appropriately handle a student’s complaint."  

Montgomery College makes every effort to resolve student complaints internally, using policies and procedures outlined in the current Montgomery College catalog or Student Handbook. Students are expected to fully utilize any and all of the outlined administrative procedures to address concerns and/or complaints in as timely a manner as possible.

For questions or guidance about student complaints at Montgomery College, please contact the Director of ADA and Title IX Compliance.

Christopher Moy

If this is an emergency or you need immediate help, contact the  Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management or 911. 

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Academic Concerns

In general, students are encouraged to approach their faculty member first to resolve their complaint. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the faculty member, then the student should address their complaint to the Department Chair. If the complaint still cannot be resolved, the complaint will be escalated to the Dean. Attempting to resolve a complaint at these levels will help assure timely resolution of student complaints. NOTE: Comments made by a student in a course evaluation are not considered as the starting point for any of the complaint processes below. 

Grade Appeal

Refer to Academic Regulations and Standards, Policy and Procedure #53001, Section 9.44, Disputed Final Course Grades

Academic Dishonesty Violations

Refer to Student Code of Conduct, Policy and Procedure #42001, Section VIII, Academic Dishonesty

Academic Appeals

Refer to Academic Regulations and Standards, Policy and Procedure #53001, Section 9.90, Petition and Appeals

Discrimination Concerns

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

 Refer to Disability Support Services, Grievance Procedure

Sexual Misconduct and Gender-based Discrimination

 Refer to Title IX, Reporting to the College

Equal Education Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

Refer to Equal Education Opportunity and Non-Discrimination, Policy and Procedure #41002, Section III, Discrimination Complaint Procedure.



Public Safety Concerns


Criminal Activity and Public Safety Concerns

Complaints involving matters of a criminal nature should be directed to the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management:

Germantown Campus: 240-567-7777

Rockville Campus: 240-567-5111

Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus: 240-567-1600


Privacy Concerns


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Refer to Student Cumulative Records, Policy and Procedure #41003, Section III C, Right to a Hearing

Visit Montgomery College's Student Privacy (FERPA) webpage

Refer to US Department of Education, Family Policy Compliance Office


General Concerns

Financial Aid Concerns

Refer to Student Financial Aid Policy and Procedure, Policy and Procedure #43001, Section IV. B, Appeals 

Registration Concerns

Refer to  Academic Regulations and Standards, Policy and Procedure #53001, Section 9.90, Petition and Appeals

Parking and Transportation Concerns

Complaints involving parking or transportation issues should be directed to the  Transportation and Parking Office 

Student Behavior Concerns

For behaviors of concern refer to the  Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.)

For Student Code of Conduct violation appeals, refer to Student Code of Conduct, Policy and Procedure #42001.

Non-Academic Concerns 

For bias incident concerns, please complete a Student Concern Feedback FormIf this is an emergency or you need immediate help, contact the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management or 911. 

For non-academic concerns, customer service complaints, or if your concern is not listed above, please complete a Student Concern Feedback Form. 

Athletic Concerns 


Three Options for Reporting Athletic Concerns

Do you suspect wrongdoing or abuse in the administration or conduct of Montgomery College athletic programs and activities? 

All reports are confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Contact a coach or member of the Athletic Department with your concern where you believe violations of policies or procedures have occurred or if you have a concern about the College’s athletic programs and activities.


If you are not comfortable contacting a coach or any member of the Athletic Department, contact Christopher Moy in the Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics: 240-567-5412 or


•Call EthicsPoint: 844-572-2198

•Visit to complete an online reporting form

You have the option of reporting anonymously through this method.

If an issue cannot be resolved by the College, a student may file a complaint with the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) .  The link above provides information on MHEC's complaint policies and procedures.

Maryland Higher Education Commission

6 North Liberty Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

Telephone: 410-767-3300 or 800-974-0208 

Unresolved complaints may also be filed with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), the College's regional accrediting agency, once all other avenues have been exhausted.  The link above provides information on MSCHE's complaint policies and procedures.

Middle States Commission on Higher Eduction

3624 Market Street, 2nd Floor West

Philadelphia, PA  19104

Telephone: 267-284-5000


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Montgomery County, MD


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