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Computer Science and Information Systems

Computer technologies are taught at MC in several different departments. The CSIIT department, on the Rockville campus, is made up of two disciplines: Computer Applications (CA) and Computer Science & Information Systems (CS):

  • Computer Applications: Microsoft Office, Database, Web Design & Development, Game & Simulation Design & Development, and Animation.

  • Computer Science & Information Systems: Programming, Database, Web Programming, Game & Simulation Programming, and Networking & Wireless (Germantown campus)

We teach classes in several program areas, so be sure to look at the full list of CA and CS classes in the catalog. The following chart summarizes our programs:

General Topic Types of Jobs in this Field Skills/Languages Discipline (taught by)  Advisor Degree/Cert
Interactive Media (Web, Animation & Gaming)
Web Careers

/uploadedImages/EDU/Departments_-_Academic/Computer_Science,_Information_and_Interactive_Technologies/images/web careers.jpg 

Web Developer, Designer or Programmer Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, PHP, Flash, etc. CA, CG, CS Melissa Lizmi Web Careers
Degree | Certificate



Artist/Animator (for web, games, or cartoons) Flash, ActionScript, etc. CA, CG

Gail Youth (Spring 2013)

Deborah Solomon (gaming)

Mike Cantwell (animation)

Gaming & Simulation
DegreeCertificateArt & Animation

Web Careers
Degree | Certificate

Gaming & Simulation

/uploadedImages/EDU/Departments_-_Academic/Computer_Science,_Information_and_Interactive_Technologies/images/gaming and simulation.jpg 

Game Artist/Animator, Designer, Producer, Programmer Flash, Game Engines/Editors (e.g. Unreal, GECK, Neverwinter Nights, GameMaker), 3D software (Maya/3DS Max), programming languages, etc. CA, CG, CS

Gail Youth (Spring 2013)

Deborah Solomon (gaming)

Mike Cantwell (animation)

Alla Webb (programming)

Gaming & Simulation
Degree | Certificate

Computer Science, Applications & Database

Microsoft Office 
/uploadedImages/EDU/Departments_-_Academic/Computer_Science,_Information_and_Interactive_Technologies/images/ms office.jpg  
Most jobs require competence with MS Office or related products Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access CA Terri Maradei CA Degree | Certificate 

Keyboarding Fundamentals

/uploadedImages/EDU/Departments_-_Academic/Computer_Science,_Information_and_Interactive_Technologies/images/keybd fundamentals.jpg

Most jobs require keyboarding/typing skills keyboarding/typing CA Linda Fontaine  
Database Administrator, Database Architect Access, MySQL, Oracle CA, CS Melissa Lizmi Certificate 
Programming (traditional)
/uploadedImages/EDU/Departments_-_Academic/Computer_Science,_Information_and_Interactive_Technologies/images/programming traditional.jpg 
Software/Web Programmer C++, Java, C#, PHP, ColdFusion CA, CS Alla Webb

DegreeCertificates Web Careers
Degree | Certificate 

Programming (mobile)
/uploadedImages/EDU/Departments_-_Academic/Computer_Science,_Information_and_Interactive_Technologies/images/programming mobile.jpg 
Mobile Programmer (for cell phones and other mobile devices) Android, iPhone & Windows Mobile CS Alla Webb (see above)

Networking & Wireless 

/uploadedImages/EDU/Departments_-_Academic/Computer_Science,_Information_and_Interactive_Technologies/images/networking and wireless.jpg 

Computer Technician, Network Engineer, Wireless Communications Technician Wireless, Cisco, Microsoft technologies NW Martin Levy NW
Degree | Certificates | Letter of Recognition

MC teaches additional technology related classes. If you didn't find what you were looking for on our site, you may want to visit: Communication Arts Technologies, Engineering, or Computer Publishing & Printing.

*Interdisciplinary programs

Online, onsite, weekend and evening courses are available!


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