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3.1 Locate Content

There are three ways to find content that you have access to edit as a Web content manager:

  • By browsing to the content on the staging site and using the blue dot icon to access editing options
  • By opening up the Content tab in the Workarea and navigating to the folder where your content is stored
  • By searching for content by ID or other parameters using the Search tool 


Blue dot (Editor's Menu) above the content block on the staging site

  1. Login to the CMS (
  2. Type the URL for the content you wish to edit
  3. Mouseover the blue dot above the content you wish to edit and select Edit from the menu
  4. The WYSYWYG will open for editing

    PLEASE NOTE: If you select Edit In Context instead of Edit from the menu, you will have limited editing functionality. As a rule of thumb, use Edit In Context only to make minor changes (e.g, updating text or links)


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Content tab in the CMS Workarea

  1. Click the Workarea button on the Developer Toolbar
  2. Click the Content Tab in the Workarea to access the folder(s) that contain your content (Content Blocks)
    Content tab


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Search Tool

  1. Click on your department's folder 
    Folder structure
  2. Select Search in the Action dropdown menu
    Dropdown menu - search option
  3. To search for a specific Content Block ID go to the Advanced Search tab and select Content ID in the Search Text dropdown menu
    Content ID
  4. Enter your search terms and click Search
  5. When the search results display, click the name of a content block to view/edit the content

PLEASE NOTE: The CMS search feature will not locate your content if it's located outside of the folder you have selected. Please make sure the main EDU folder is highlighted in order for the CMS to find your Content Block.

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