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Chemical Sciences - Rockville

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at the Rockville Campus of
Montgomery College!


The Rockville Chemistry Department offers a wide array of courses to meet the needs of Chemistry/Biochemistry majors, Life Science majors, Pre Professional & Public Health/Allied Health Programs & Non-Science majors.  There are also opportunities to gain research experience through coursework or internships.  We invite you to stop by our Department Offices anytime to meet our dynamic and devoted faculty and staff to discuss your options to academic success.  For more information, please email:

For additional information on the Rockville Chemistry department, please click on one of the items in the left menu.

Spring 2018 special course offerings:

  •  CHEM099 + CHEM131 Learning cohort - Save time by completing CHEM099, Introductory Chemistry, at an accelerated pace and move directly into a late-start CHEM131 course.  Students must meet the math prerequisites of CHEM131 and permission is required to register.  Contact

  • CHEM109 Chemistry and Society + ENGL103 Critical Writing Learning Community
    "Preserving the Blue Marble: Environmental Sustainability through Chemistry and Writing."  Students will explore global environmental sustainability issues.  Sustainability involves not only how humanity lives in such a way that the resources used exceed those that are available, but also which steps we can take to curb or reverse that trend.  In this learning community, we will join CHEM 109 and ENG 103 in order to learn more about local, national, and global sustainability and how to make it part of our daily lives and work.  Satisfies two General Education Distribution courses, BSSD and NSND.  The CHEM109 laboratory (NSLD, 1 cr) is optional.  For more information, contact

  • HSCI1405 - Biochemistry for Health Sciences (3 cr) - Collaborative course offering of GWU biochemistry course offered at a Montgomery College campus.  MC students are eligible to pay MC tuition rates.  Students must apply and register through GWU.  If you have any questions about the course, online application, registration, or navigating GW please contact Tina Le at


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