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Chemical Sciences - Rockville

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Rockville !

The Department of Chemistry at the Rockville Campus offers a number of different Chemistry courses to meet your various requirements. If you only need a basic science course, with or without the laboratory, look into our Chemistry and Society course CHEM 109. If you have not had Chemistry before, or had it a long time ago, you might want to consider taking Introduction to Chemistry before moving on to the General Chemistry courses.  Depending on the engineering field you intend to major in, you may want to consider the accelerated General Chemistry for Engineers class, CHEM 135.  For those people needing additional chemistry, we also offer two semesters of Organic Chemistry CHEM 203/204.  

You are more than welcome to stop by my office to discuss your academic goals.

Laura J. Anna, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Chair
Montgomery College - SC 331C
Rockville, MD 20850

Comments or questions about Chemistry, overrides, etc., can be directed to the Administrative Aid, Ms. Anne Fernando at 240-567-5129, or the Department Chair, Dr. Laura Anna, at  Questions concerning CHEM 135 may also be directed to Professor Abner Mintz at

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Fall 2017 special course offerings:

  •  CHEM099 + CHEM131 Learning cohort - Save time by completing CHEM099, Introductory Chemistry, at an accelerated pace and move directly into a late-start CHEM131 course.  Students must meet the math prerequisites of CHEM131 and permission is required to register.  Contact

  • CHEM109 Chemistry and Society + SOCL100 Introduction to Sociology Learning Community
    "Global Society and Chemistry: Changes and Consequences."  Students will explore the impact of chemistry and technology on global society issues.  Satisfies two General Education Distribution courses, BSSD and NSND.  The CHEM109 laboratory (NSLD, 1 cr) is optional.  For more information, contact

  • CHEM131 Principles of Chemistry, "Sometimes it is Rocket Science: Exploring the chemical connections in American Space Flight."  Students will explore the chemistry behind space technology in this themed section of CHEM131.  Marketed towards students majoring in Chemistry/Biochemistry or Engineering with a strong math background.  The course involves numerous supplemental activities including a project centered on a required trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.  Permission is required to register.  Contact

  • HSCI1405 - Biochemistry for Health Sciences (3 cr) - Collaborative course offering of GWU biochemistry course offered at a Montgomery College campus.  MC students are eligible to pay MC tuition rates.  Students must apply and register through GWU.  If you have any questions about the course, online application, registration, or navigating GW please contact Tina Le at


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