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Hillman Alumni

Welcome back!


Whether you are visiting this page from your new role as a junior or senior at the University of Maryland or if you have already graduated and are now in the process of establishing or running your own entrepreneurial venture—or have embarked on a career where you are using all you have learned and gained from the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program, we are so glad you are back!


No one knows more than you, the benefits of the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program.  The doors that have opened, the connections you have made, the lessons you have learned….your possibilities really are endless.  Current Hillman students look to you, as alumni, to be mentors and future Hillman students need your support as well, and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved! 


You can give back to the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program:


  • Be a guest speaker at the Hillman Seminar
  • Provide an internship for current Hillman students
  • Participate in or sponsor Hillman student-run projects
  • Make a contribution so that other Hillman students can benefit from our program here at Montgomery College. To make a tax deductible gift:


1.  Visit our Online Giving page.


2.  Scroll down to Donor Designations.


3.  Select Hillman Entrepreneurs Program as your area of support.


There's a lot going on at the Hillman Program at Montgomery College. Please do stay in touch and stay involved.


We’d love to hear from you—and there are many ways to reach us:



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