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Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


Welcome to Montgomery College’s Office of Academic Affairs. Home to more than 130 degree and certificate programs, robust workforce development and continuing education offerings, and numerous partnerships with four-year colleges and universities and industry leaders, we stand ready to help more than 60,000 students meet their educational and career goals.

During this transformative time at the college, I join the faculty and staff in the academic division in committing to serving our students and encouraging their academic success by focusing on three key priorities in 2014: restructuring the college’s academic area; transforming General Education; and providing program-based advising for all degree-seeking students. These efforts will lead to better results for our students—higher graduation rates, shorter time-to-graduation, and increased relevance of an MC education—as we empower students to change their lives.

Please feel free to browse our academic programs or to visit one of our campuses to learn more about Montgomery College.

Sanjay Rai, PhD

Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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