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CMS Reference Guide

Website Management with the Content Management System
Step-by-Step Guidebook


This is an introduction to the most essential skills required to create and maintain department web sites using the Ektron Content Management System (CMS).

What's covered

  • Login to the CMS and access department folders and content in the Work area.
  • Use the editor to insert and style text and images according to the Montgomery College .edu Web Style Guide.
  • Upload files and images to the Document Management System (DMS).
  • Create hyperlinks and bookmarks.
  • Create the department header, menu, and main content areas.
  • Preview and publish web content.
  • Getting a basic understanding of ADA web compliance.

Browser Compatibility

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Key Terminology

Assets: Graphics or documents you have uploaded to the CMS.

Content block/Content id: A web site consists of several pages. Each page is made up of one or more blocks of content. Each content block is an editable area used to enter specific kinds of content for the page you are building. Each content block has a specific content id, which uniquely identifies the content block.

Document Management System: The Document Management System (DMS) lets you import Microsoft Office files and other types of files into Ektron. Collectively, these files are called assets. When you import and save an asset to Ektron, a copy of it is saved to the Document Management server.

Workarea: The central location where you can perform most tasks (create the content for your pages and upload files to the Staging site) for managing your Web Site.


Content in this guide has been developed using Ektron’s Version 9.0 Administrator Training Manual (2013)

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