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generic group photoThe College Policy 68004, Modification #003: Records Management requires the College to establish a Records Retention Schedule that meets requirements for maintaining records for purposes of legal actions or defense, administrative and historical needs, educational records for students, personnel records for employees, and records required for compliance related matters. In addition, the policy states that all persons are entitled access to college documents containing information related to the affairs of the College and the official actions of those individuals who act as its trustees and employees, in accordance with provisions of the Public Information Act of the State of Maryland. The policy specifies that after college records have fulfilled their business purpose and are no longer useful, they are to be systematically disposed in accordance with the records retention schedule and procedures.

The Records Retention Schedule designates the appropriate length of time to maintain official records as determined by the administrative, fiscal, and legal needs of the College.

The major objectives of the Schedule are:

  • To ensure the proper retention of records for their legal, administrative, fiscal, and historical value.
  • To provide for a systematic disposal of all records as soon as they have fulfilled their usefulness.
  • To provide the record series titles, a brief description of the series, a specified retention period, and disposition for all of the College's official records.

The Records Retention Schedule is divided into sections specific to each College office and department. Each schedule identifies and briefly describes all official records series and establishes a timetable governing the disposition of the records. Only official records that are represented in the Schedule should be sent to Records Management for off-site storage.

On the Schedule, the term “retention” underneath the series description denotes the total minimum life span of that record series. The “office” and “archives” (i.e., records management storage) categories indicate the minimum period of time that the record series is to be retained in those locations.

The goals of records management are to:

  • Provide the right information at the right time to the right person at the lowest cost possible.
  • Retain records for the required period of time and destroy records when they become obsolete.

Records management is the responsibility of every College office and department and every College employee.

If you have College records or items that you believe may be of historical or archival value, please see the Special Collections website at .

Records Management at Montgomery College

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Records Management / Montgomery College
Office of Information Technology
15400 Calhoun Drive, Suite 310
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Records Management Specialist:
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