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On RAMP to STEM NSF S-STEM Scholarships

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On RAMP to STEM Scholarships now available!

Funded by the NSF’s S-STEM program

NSF: National Science Foundation 

S-STEM: Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math 

On RAMP:  Retention and Achievement through Math Prowess


The National Science Foundation awarded Montgomery College $600,000 to provide scholarships to qualified students interested in the interdisciplinary nature of biology.

Students majoring in life sciences, biotechnology, or other stem disciplines mathematics and students interested in the interdisciplinary nature of biology should apply.

Qualified students will receive scholarships for up to 15 credits a semester to attend Montgomery College! 

All scholarship recipients will get to participate in the On RAMP to STEM seminar.  Be a part of this exciting cohort! 

Application Deadline-XXXXX

For more information on the application process see “Scholarship Requirement” and "On Ramp to Stem Application" links.

What is On RAMP to STEM? 

There are tremendous career opportunities for life science students who have strong quantitative skills.  On RAMP to STEM scholarship recipients will learn about the interdisciplinary nature of current biological research which integrates biology, mathematics, and computer science. Through a required seminar students will explore biological applications of mathematical topics, build their quantitative skills, and learn about cutting edge biological research in spheres such as molecular modeling, systems physiology and bioinformatics which are all components of the emerging discipline of computational biology.  Through the skills and the insights they will gain, On RAMP to STEM scholars will be better prepared for high demand careers in fields such as medicine, biotechnology, and environmental studies. 

For more information see the “More About On RAMP to STEM” link





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