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11.0 Track Content Views

Usage statistics (e.g., number of unique visits to your page, etc.) are available through the Web Team.

However, if your department already has a Google Analytics tracking code and would like on-demand access to statistics for your site, follow the steps below to "install" the tracking code on your site. 

  1. Add a new content block to your site's root folder in the CMS
  2. Title the content block "Custom Code."
  3. Switch to code view, using the carrot icon on the editor toolbar
  4. Paste your Google Analytics tracking code (you will find the code within your department's Google Analytics account)
    custom code - analytics

  5. Publish the content block.  The screenshot below shows how the content block is stored within the site's root folder.
    Custom Code - file in CMS

Now, usage statistics for all content within your site will be tracked in your department's Google Analytics account.

PLEASE NOTE:  Content using the edupopup.aspx template will not be tracked. 

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