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Staff Senate

June 2011 group  MISSION STATEMENT
The Staff Senate serves as the formal voice for non-bargaining members and is an equal and ethical partner with other constituencies at Montgomery College. It advocates a progressive, professional working and learning environment through proactive leadership.

June 2011 Luncheon

Save the Date!

May 22nd is Staff Professional Day!

Check out Dr. Pollard's Blog!

Dr. Pollard’s video blog highlights many of the important college wide forums which impact staff. Examples include the forums discussing the restructuring of the Student Services units and plans for changes in the Academic Affairs units. There are also encouraging words to be engaged in the new governance system.


Staff Senate Goals:

Policies and Procedures
1)  Consistent application of Policy and Procedures for Chapter 3: Personnel
2)  Peer Mediation and Grievance Procedure + Grievance Procedure Rollout
3) Confidential 360 Evaluations
4) Review need for an Ombudsman

1)  Communication of HR changes, specifically the health insurance changes
2)  College-wide Communications and Participation
3)  Public Relations Role of Staff Senate

Salary and Benefits – Compensation
1)  Health Insurance Changes
2) Classification Review Study Implementation
3) Monitor and Clarify the EAP Policy
4) Service Award
5) Option to reduce employee’s travel to work costs


2010 - 2011 Accomplishments:

 • Temp with Benefits - 3 years or longer offered short term disability benefits

• Travel Fund for non-bargaining staff

• Top of Scale Proposal

• Employee Transfer Plan -- working with Employee Engagement

• Non-monetary compensation for 4 furlough days

• Grievance Procedures

• Classification Study -- Providing feedback and communication

• Increased EAP funding

• ­Increased communication with Administration

• Highlighted morale issues

• More accessible website

• Expanded Staff Professional Day

• Improved communication

• Updated Staff Senate Bylaws

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Classification Specification Meetings!

The classification specification group meetings are scheduled to start on March 19 through early April. During these meetings employees will be given the opportunity to provide feedback about their class specifications. Please register at: to participate in these group meetings. 

Visit the CSC website for more info


The Government Task Force web page has been updated. Got a question, concern or comment?

Contact the Task Force at the address

  SS meeting


Don't forget to sign up for Multicultural/Diversity Classes
See memo regarding Multicultural/ Diversity Training Criteria on the Office of
 Equity and Diversity website.


           Click here for Bylaws 




Upcoming Events

Next Senate Meeting

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1:00-2:30 in MKE BOT (115) Conference Room

This is the last Staff Senate Meeting -- Please come to say good bye to your Senators and hello to the new Staff Council members!

Staff Senate Meetings

Staff Senate meets the
2nd Wednesday each month
(except July and August)

Tracee and Marcus

Staff Senators


Diane Cockrell
Eric Myren
Vacant, Alternate


Dawn Drew
Andy Lucido
Stacey Miller, Alternate
Bo Chan, Alternate


Brenda Braham, 1st Vice Chair
Amy Crowley, Treasurer
Nancy Nitz, Alternate

Takoma Park/SS:

Tracee Matthias, Secretary
Jason Rivera, 2nd Vice Chair
Loren Carter, Alternate


Julie Foster, Chair
Ed Palaszynski

Janet Campbell, Alternate

At Large:

Carmen V. Poston-Farmer
Kimberly McManus, Alternate

Montgomery College

Montgomery County, MD


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