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Montgomery College Programs for Adult Student Success


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Welcome to MC-PASS!

Montgomery College Programs for Adult Student Success

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What is MC-PASS?

MC-PASS stands for Montgomery College Programs for Adult Student Success.  MC-PASS was formerly called the G.O.A.L. (Germantown Options for Adult Learners) program, but we recently changed the name to reflect our one-college approach to student services. It is a student academic and social support program designed to meet the unique needs of adult students at Montgomery College. MC-PASS focuses on helping adult students navigate college processes, connect with one another and locate resources to make the MC experience a successful one. Whether you are attending college for the first time or a Ph.D. taking classes for enrichment, the MC-PASS program has something for everyone – even if it is just a social or networking connection with other adult students on campus.

Many adults may face anxiety when attending school for the first time or the first time in a long time. Taking assessment tests, registering for courses, and taking classes online can be new and a little overwhelming at first. Attending classes with traditional-aged students can be intimidating, and many adults feel that they are alone on campus. However, quite the opposite is true. Adult learners are the fastest growing population in higher education today, comprising over 47% of all college students. You will find over 1100 adult students on the Germantown Campus alone. In addition, adults are considered an asset in the classroom. Because adult students have the benefit of work and life experience, they have a lot to offer to their classmates, and traditional-aged students consistently speak of the benefits of having older students in the classroom. Faculty often find that adult students have a higher level of commitment and dedication to their coursework than the average student.

Each of Montgomery College's three campuses offers resources and support especially tailored to adult learners like you. We'll help you ease your transition into college, provide flexible educational options, and assist you with career planning and job searches.

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