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Welcome to the Field Experience Program 

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Participation in field experiences with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)
is an important component of all teacher education transfer programs at Montgomery College.  The field experience presents authentic learning opportunities where students observe scientifically based researched best practices.  As a participant in the field experience courses EDUC 102 and 202, students observe for 30 hours (3 - 4 hours per week) for a minimum of 10 weeks.  Students use observation as a tool for learning and then write reflective papers on assigned topics.  In addition to the MCPS school experience, students will attend an on campus orientation, midterm seminar and final seminar. 

See the Field Experience handbook for more information.

Forms you may need to print individually include: 

FE (Teacher) Evaluation (pdf - 138 kb)

Observation Timesheet (pdf - 186 kb)

FE Placement - Student Information (pdf - 126 kb)

IMPORTANT:  Montgomery County Public Schools requires a background clearance process for college/university students that must be completed and verified before college/university students are permitted to complete any field experience, including observation/practicum or student teaching internships, in Montgomery County Public Schools. For a step-by-step outline of this process, see

   How to Complete the Security Compliance Requirements for Field ExperienceThe key components include the following:

  • FIRST complete an MCPS online profile 
    (If you were cleared the previous semester, this is the only step you need for this term.)

  • Arrange for fingerprinting for a background check to be reported to MCPS

  • Complete an information sheet required by MCPS to accompany your fingerprinting receipt

  • Complete the Child Protective Services (CPS) form ONLINE, print, obtain notarized signature, and submit

  • Complete online Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect training module 

If you still have questions, please email or call to set up a time to meet.  We look forward to working with you.

Germantown Campus
Field Experience Program Coordinator
Prof. Debra Kieper
(433) 366-5397               

Rockville Campus
Field Experience Program Coordinator
Prof. Lisa Lewis
(240) 372-5192

Field Experience Coordinator for Special Education
Prof. Wanda York
(240) 766-7016

Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Field Experience Program Co-Coordinator
Prof. Mary Beth Johnson
(301) 807-6716

Field Experience Program Co-Coordinator 
Prof. Yvette Reynolds
(240) 354-1799


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