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Phi Theta Kappa - Beta Kappa Omega Chapter

Membership in Phi Theta Kappa provides many benefits.  First and foremost, you will be eligible for transfer scholarships that many colleges and universities offer to Phi Theta Kappa members.  Another benefit of membership is that you will be included in Phi Theta Kappa’s scholarship and job placement database, which makes your name available to senior institutions seeking scholarship recipients and major companies seeking employees; this is done automatically for you when the College submits the enclosed profile form.  You will receive the Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Directory, which includes a listing of all transfer scholarships available exclusively to Phi Theta Kappa members, plus articles on financial aid, transferring, and four year institutions.  Finally, the national reputation of Phi Theta Kappa will identify you to other colleges and potential employers as a superior student, and should be included on your resume. 

To hear from our former chapter president please listen.

Former Vice President's video .

Former President's video.


Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Transfer Scholarship (Word- 148 KB)


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