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Tiffany Wilt Big

Tiffany Wilt is, without a doubt, a handful. When she is not working or in school, she likes to do normal nineteen-year-old things like overdosing on Netflix. She has spent many a movie binge cuddling with her pink pig pillow and her stylish Spiderman sleeping bag. She models her life after the lessons she learns in Disney movies—but that does not mean that she is naïve or misogynistic. In fact, Tiffany has all the characteristics of an intelligently open-minded individual. She is an avid environmentalist, a self-proclaimed know it all, and, on occasion, an artist. Tiffany even hopes to get a degree in Anthropology and to join the Peace Corps. Problem is, Tiffany is a hopeless romantic. And she loves all the singing and dancing animals. Once you meet her you’ll notice that she’s a walking contradiction. But I promise, you will get used to her. In fact, you will probably come to love her. Just don’t tell her that. She has commitment issues

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