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Matt Hounsell

Matt Hounsell grew up in Wellington, New Zealand and lived in Melbourne, Australia for 12 years before moving to the US last year. This has given him a rather mixed accent that no one seems to understand. People in New Zealand thinks he sounds Australian, and in Australia they think he sounds like a New Zealander. After leaving high school, Matt made a career as a pastry cook and worked at many places making deliciously sweet treats. In his free time he can be found outdoors either riding on his bike or camping and hiking. He is 38, married and currently has acquired a puppy from his brother in law who needs lots of walks.

In the fall semester, Matt is starting his second year at Montgomery College. He is studying towards his AAT in Elementary Education, and hopes to transfer to the University of Maryland in 2015. Moving to the US has given Matt the opportunity to study towards a goal he has had for a long time. He wasn’t a student who loved school when he was young. In fact, he often day dreamed of being anywhere else but in school while he was growing up. But he has long thought about returning to education, teaching young students through interesting and inspiring lessons, something that would have kept his focus on school when he was there.

Through this blog Matt hopes to show that there is more to New Zealand than ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Flight of the Concords’ (although the singer Lorde is doing a pretty good job of that right now), and give an insight into the life of a student who is older than the average at Montgomery College.

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