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Lauren Alford

The Jill of all trades. That's me. Variety is definitely the spice of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a 2008 graduate of UMBC's Visual Arts program who has returned to school on my path to medical school (a future surgeon and holistic health doctor), making me a non-traditional student here at Montgomery College. Though, honestly- aren't we all non-traditional? I think so! I value the unique gifts everyone has to offer the world and I admire the unique paths we all must take to get where we are going. In addition to my many projects and varied interests I am passionate about helping others discover their purpose and live their passion. I am a young entrepreneur who is passionate about transforming the overall manner of business practices globally- through the way we do business we can save the health of our environment and people alike.

After graduating from UMBC, I ran away with the circus, went to Massage Therapy School, then Personal Training School. I began learning so much about health, the human body, nutrition, and unseen energies. I worked in webcasting for the US Patent and Trademark office for two years and plan on using that experience to vlog rather than blog. In 2012 just before beginning at MC I began to fall ill and was extremely sick for nearly a year. As it turned out, my gallbladder had died- the tissue had become necrotic. Emergency surgery saved my life. I still don't know why it died, but I am well now and that is really all that matters.

As for work, I have several businesses- an online store filled with antiques and vintage goodies, I am a freelance artist, I am a self-employed massage therapist, personal trainer occasional hoop dance instructor, and this year I started a food manufacturing business. In addition to all things school and business, I love to run, keep bees, grow and cook food, read or listen to non-fiction, hula hoop, do yoga, travel, conceptualize, visit natural springs, make art, take photos, admire my two adorable cats, and write my blog. (

I'm tremendously grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences and lessons with everyone at Montgomery College over the course of this school year. Feel free to ask me any questions related to my blog or about anything I do- I love to help, I am here to help.

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