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Katelynn Snyder

My name is Katelynn. At MC I am pursuing my degree in Communications. I love to try and learn new things! If you asked my family and friends they would say I am curious, passionate, lively, and witty. For better or for worse, I am a big feeler. There are seven kids in the Snyder family. My brilliant dad (Alan) and my big-hearted mom (Suzanne) raised us all! We played numerous sports growing up so we are a very active family. Soccer was always my favorite and now I am a part of the Women’s Soccer Program here at MC. My first year on the team my mom was fighting breast cancer. This January (1/22/14) before the spring semester started she passed away. During that time I did anything EXCEPT staying active and productive. Engaging my body, soul, and mind was far from mind.

Now, here I am, starting the beginning of my second year at Montgomery College. This year had to be different. Like Karen Kaiser Clark said “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” I chose to not let this change me for the worse, but for the better. I have a new mind set. Most of my free time you’ll find me at the gym or on the field. If I’m not there you may have a hard time tracking me down. I have a vast range of free time fillers from hiking to painting to cooking to napping! This year I want to focus my time on moving towards a more emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle. Its not always easy as a college student when time and money are tight, but I’m committed to finding the best ways to grow and improve. I’m grateful that MC has given me the opportunity and support to pursue these goals in such a life changing time.

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