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Born nearly two decades ago in the bustling metropolis of Silver Spring, Maryland, Kimberlee (A.K.A. Kimmie, Kimmers, Kim Possible, Kimbee, Bon Qui Qui and many others) is in her fourth academic year at Montgomery College (she isn’t following an extension of Dr. Borkman’s Three Year MC Plan; she began her studies here in the 11th grade) and is currently pursuing a degree in the field of education. A seven-year “veteran” in private instruction, she finds joy in showing other people’s children how to read, compose and appreciate music. A bibliophile and aspiring polyglot, she tends to have her nosy nose in a book – when not attending classes, diligently studying or earning paychecks – and has a personal goal of learning the nuances of at least five new languages a year. Besides being a spectacular student, she participates in the Beta Kappa Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and the Exploring Christianity Club. If that wasn’t enough, she also enjoys attending the myriad of events, workshops and seminars offered to students at MC and sharing her thoughts about them on her personal blog. Writing is one of her many passions; not a day goes by when she doesn’t pen some pithy phrase (be that mentally, on paper or online). She hopes to both entertain and provoke your thoughts this upcoming school year.

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