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Anthony Lloyd

It all started at Montgomery what they’ll have under the bio of Anthony Lloyd at ESPN. Born in Prince Georges but raised in Montgomery County, MD, I am no stranger to the mantra “slow and steady wins the race.” While that may come as a surprise in todays fast pace world the journey one takes can be described as such.

As a strong minded middle child, the possibility wouldn’t be at all possible if it wasn’t for my family. My mother is my rock, and she is my inspiration to be great at whatever it is I decide to do in life, whether that be writing blogs or just being a good person. My older sister, who although she lives in another state keeps tabs on the whole household as if she lived next door. My younger brother Tyler is someone who I strive so hard for. He and my mother are the two driving forces behind me becoming the best me I can be and to them I owe the world.

Huge sports guy I could debate about “who’s the best quarterback” and “why this person made the decision they made” for days and months. I was told at a young age that a lawyer was my future field because in times of debate or disagreement, I try to leave no stone left unturned. Video games play a big part in keeping me centered because it can take one’s mind away from reality just for a period of time. I also love to read up on and watch live shows of sports writers discussing my favorite sports teams.

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