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India Initiative Reflections

India Initiative Reflections

Educating Future Generations in India

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When I look back on my first day at the National Symposium on 21st Century Community Colleges, the numbers are what stand out. They are staggering. Nearly 1.2 billion people live in India and the need for higher education is greater than ever.

12% of Indian youth are enrolled in college (Gross Enrollment Ratio); 500 million people in India need basic skills building; and 12.8 million Indians enter the workforce each year, but there is training capacity of only 4.3 million per year.

For the broad range of U.S. and India partners gathered at the symposium, the American community college model could be adapted to provide high-quality, open access, higher education to youth in India. Why? As Charles Rose, general counsel for the United States Department of Education explained, collaboration to improve education can "allow our children to unlock their gifts and achieve their destinies… “


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