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CollegeNet Software Implementation Project

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CollegeNet Software Implementation Project

CollegeNet software implementation project

Class, Event and Room Scheduling Process Improvement Opportunities

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Over the last year, a team assembled from the academic areas on all three campuses and Workforce Development & Continuing Education, Central Facilities, Admissions and Enrollment Management, Information Technology and Institutional Advancement reviewed current scheduling practices and provided recommendations to implement with Series25. The results of this review are included in the attached document, Class, Event and Room Scheduling Process Improvement Opportunities: CollegeNET Series 25, which we offer for your review and comment.

This document is a significant milestone for the implementation team, as it represents a year’s worth of discussions, challenges and growth, culminating in this collaborative document. “Class, Event and Room Scheduling Process Improvement Opportunities” serves as a new beginning for Collegewide consistency in scheduling practices.  

Special recognition goes to Christy Church, Ceil Coliton, Jennifer Gottwald, Linda Griffin, and Margaret Latimer for their dedicated teamwork synthesizing the feedback from the five distinct work groups.

Over the remainder of the 2011-12 academic year, representatives from the Series25 implementation team will brief various College stakeholders on the scheduling process recommendations and implementation, which will occur in July 2012.

Deadline to submit process recommendations

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Based on the feedback that we have so far received from some of the small groups tasked with re-evaluating existing scheduling procedures and updating practices prior to the implementation of Schedule25, the deadline to submit process recommendations has been extended to Friday, January 20, 2012.

On Friday, January 20, we will meet to hear the recommendations of the following groups:

  • Field Attribution
  • Credit Course Scheduling
  • Noncredit Course Scheduling
  • Event Scheduling
  • Class Meeting Times

The chair person for each group should be prepared to offer a 10-minute presentation that outlines the group’s recommendations about process updates to implement with Schedule25.  The rest of time will be used for Q & A.



The Implementation of CollegeNET's Series 25 has begun!

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On September 27, 2010, the Montgomery College Board of Trustees awarded a contract for the purchase of CollegeNET's Series 25 Class and Event Management System [Series 25].

The benefits of implementing Series 25 software includes:

  • Saving time and resources
  • Increasing efficiency of scheduling planning and execution
  • Ensuring the best possible use of College facilities
  • Preventing scheduling conflicts and bottlenecks
  • Enhancing needed tools for rescheduling rooms or buildings for both planned events and unplanned emergencies
  • Determining thoughtful alternatives to new construction
  • Streamlining the current scheduling process by reducing paper and manual processes
  • Facilitating better utilization reporting
  • Consolidating a variety of software, databases and manual systems used by credit, non-credit and event scheduling at the College

During the 2010-11 academic year, a project team was quickly established to work on the implementation of the scheduling software.  The College plans to implement Series 25 in April 2012, using the software to schedule classes beginning with Summer Session I 2013.

Members of the project team:

  • Andrew Scheppler (OIT)
  • Andy Yao (Academic R)
  • Anna Perez (Facilities)
  • Barbara Leurig (AEM)
  • Bob Lynch (IRA)
  • Catherine Mund (AEM)*
  • Ceil Coliton (Facilities)
  • Chris Maxwell (OIT)
  • Christy Church (AEM)
  • Claudia Salas (WD&CE)
  • Debbie Crutchfield (WD&CE)
  • Eunice Akitobi (AEM)
  • Gillian Anderson (AEM)
  • Isabelle Doucet (OIT)*
  • James Luallen (OIT)
  • Jan Cubar (Facilities)
  • Jann Logan (Facilities)
  • Jeanne Boyce (Academic TPSS)
  • Jennifer Gottwald (AEM)*
  • Jessica Lee (AEM)
  • Katie Grocki (AEM)
  • Linda Griffin (WD&CE)
  • Margaret Latimer (Academic GT)
  • Maria Adams (AEM)                      
  • Mike Montanez (OIT)
  • Patti Bartlett (Academic RV)
  • Phong Banh (OIT)
  • Priscyla Aguilar (AEM)
  • Rick Morrow (OIT)
  • Rochelle Hopkins (AEM)
  • Rodney Redmond (Academic RV)
  • Ross Cromwell (OIT)
  • Spike Yancy (IRA)
  • Steve Ambrose (OIT)
  • Tammy Peery (Academic GT)
  • Tony Hawkins (Academic TPSS)

Asterisk (*) denotes project leads
Bold name denotes member of the Core Team

Flowing from the Core Team is the Scheduling Review Process Team, a group that is specifically charged to review different processes in preparation for the implementation of Series 25. You can find more information on the different teams and their charge here.

In March 2011, the project team participated in a 3-day data preparation meetings with the vendor. The team focused on the design and configuration of the scheduling environment with emphasis on space, resource, organization, contact, event and course data. Initial use of security, integration and reporting were also discussed.

On August 8, 2011, the Scheduling Review Process team had its first meeting to discuss the charges of the various work groups. The different work groups have been tasked with completing their work by December 2, 2011, which will then be turned over to the Scheduling Review Process team for review.

Over the next few months, the Series 25 Implementation Team will be engaging in a wealth of different discussions, from best practices in credit, non-credit and event course scheduling, to the identifying the most appropriate database coding and reporting needs.   Updates about the project will be posted to this blog and highlighted in periodic updates in MC Online.  Input from the College Community will be sought through the College’s various constituency groups. 

We look forward to working on this project in the spirit of cooperation, community and success!

Catherine Mund, Isabelle Doucet and Jennifer Gottwald
Series 25 Project Team Leaders

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