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Welcome to Economics at Montgomery College


Econ Has A New Web Site!


Economics is the study of the best allocation of scarce resources and this is a site dedicated to helping economics students and instructors at Montgomery College (MC) allocate their resources. This is the starting point for all kinds of useful information about economics at MC.

To the left is a Menu of choices. Below is more detailed information on each of those menu items.

Instructors. This contains information on the economic instructors at MC organized by campus. Instructor listings include name, contact information, courses taught, links to any home pages and other information that instructors think students might find useful.

Course Descriptions.  A description of economics courses taught at MC.

Useful to Students & Instructors. This section is divided into additional menu choices.  This is on-line material and exercises to help students learn economics, regardless of the section. The choices include:  Economic Blogs, Economic Data Sites, Economic News Sites, Tutorials, and Videos.

Instructor Resources.  This is material aimed at instructors of economics.  It includes sample syllabi and links to sites that would be useful to instructors that are not already included in the Useful to Students & Instructors section.

Econ Majors & Careers.  This is information on the advantages of a major and a career in economics.

Fun Stuff.  This looks at the lighter side of economics with links to humorous and fun websites related to economics:   Economic jokes (yes, there are some), quotes and cartoons.

Thanks for visiting, hope you found what you were looking for.

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