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Course Information Page Request Form


Students use the Course Information Page (CIP) to find information such as Textbook, Course Prerequisites, and Contact information about you and the course you are teaching. It is also the place where they shop for courses before registering.

Currently, the CIP is the third most visited site on the DELT Homepage based on the number of visitors. If you want to see a sample of the Course Information Page, please CLICK HERE.

Course Information Page Request Form 

Please fill out this online form to request a CIP be created for your course. Information and instructions are included within the form. Complete one form for EACH online course you teach, i.e., MA130, MA180... (if your course, i.e., MA130, has multiple sessions, you only need to fill one ONE form for that course). Include as much information as possible.

If you need assistance with filling out the form, please contact one of the faculty support staff members at your campus. You can visit the Support link for their contact information.

You could also contact the DELT's Web Specialist, Nghi Nguyen, x71953, or, if you have any question or you want to update your current CIP.

Submission Method: You can fill out the form and submit it electronically by clicking the Submit button at the end of the form. You will get a confirmation page once you submit the form.


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