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Online Degrees and Certificates

Fully Online Degrees at Montgomery College

Graduation Day PhotoBeginning in the fall 2014 semester, Montgomery College will offer for the first time fully online degrees in both Business and Information Systems.

The online programs will follow the same curriculum as the traditional degree programs, which are listed below. The courses are taught by the College’s expert faculty who have been trained and certified in online Quality Assurance.

Montgomery College’s online learners have the convenience of using the College’s e-resources to support their studies or can come to any of our campuses to use the physical academic support centers, libraries, advising services, and more.

A.A. in Business​ (006)

This curriculum is designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year college and major in general business or a more specialized field of business such as finance, accounting, international business, marketing, or management. It also provides a solid foundation for students planning to major in economics or pre-law. Completion of all requirements for this curriculum will lead to the award of the A.A. degree in business.  Note: Many credits earned in the management certificate requirements may not be applied toward an A.A. in Business.  Students should seek advice from a counselor.

Business students may be eligible for the Macklin Business Institute scholars program, a competitive honors program which includes seminars, special honors courses, mentoring, the possibility of an internship, and a scholarship. Students potentially interested in this program should take ECON 201, ECON 202, or ACCT 222 in the sophomore year. For more information on this program see this catalog, the Montgomery College website, or a counselor.

First Semester 
BSAD 101 Introduction to Business 3
CMAP  Introduction to Computer Applications  3
CMSC 110 Computer Concepts† 3
Behavioral and social sciences distribution ‡ 3
  Mathematics foundation* 3-4 
Second Semester 
BSAD 210  Statistics for Business and Economics 
MATH 117 Elements of Statistics 3
Arts distribution 3
English foundation 3
Natural sciences distribution with lab 4
  Speech foundation 3
Third Semester 
ACCT 221  Accounting I 4
ECON 201 Principles of Economics I (BSSD) 3
MGMT 201 Business law
Elective †† 3
  Health foundation  1-3 
  Humanities distribution 
Fourth Semester
ACCT 220   Accounting II 4
ECON 202 Principles of Economics II 3
Arts or humanities distribution 3
Natural sciences distribution 3
Elective ‡‡ 2
Total Credit Hours 60-63
  • Students should consult an adviser before registering for courses

A.A. in Information Systems (109)

Computer Science and Technologies AA

This transfer degree track is for students who plan to transfer to a four-year program such as information systems or information management. The curriculum is designed to present a broad coverage of concepts applying to the theory and management of information, analytical techniques in the development of computer-based information systems, and practical experience with business programming.

Due to the variation in such programs at four-year institutions, students are urged to consult an adviser about specific course selections.

First Semester 
CMSC 110 Computer Concepts* 3
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing† 3
Art distribution 3
Behavioral and social sciences distribution‡  3
  Mathematics foundation 3 -4
Second Semester 
CMSC 140 Introduction to Programming
Elective** 3
English foundation  3
Natural sciences distribution with lab 4
Speech foundation 3
Third Semester 
CMSC 243 Systems Analysis and Design
Behavioral and social sciences distribution  3
Humanities distribution 3
Elective** 3
  Elective**   3
Fourth Semester
Arts or humanities distribution 3
  Health foundation  1-3
Natural sciences distribution 3-4
  Elective**  4
Elective** 3
Total Credit Hours for the Information Systems Track 60-63
  • Students should consult an adviser before registering for courses

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